Why do we need Body-Mind Integration?
Body-Mind Integration is a therapy that guides inner exploration and revelation. We are more than the conditioning that shapes our responses to life. We sometimes need help to rediscover the experience of being fully in body and mind. This experience reawakens wisdom and frees the creative, intuitive nature within. I help you access the sacred inner terrain of the body-mind has vital resources for joyful, healthy living and natural solutions for problems that manifest in mind and body.










What is a Body-Mind Integration session like?
A session begins with time to check in, time to be heard. Clients and I choose together how to proceed. The open form of Body-Mind Integration draws on many resources. These include skilled touch, developmental and improvised movement, explorations of the living anatomy, body-based dialogue, vocal expression, supportive holding and integrative stillness. There is no protocol to follow. Each session is guided by the client’s own exploration so that an inner-directed experience of self can emerge.

History of Body-Mind Integration
Body-Mind Integration is based on the brilliant movement re-education and hands-on re-patterning work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, OT, called Body-Mind Centering. Through embodied experience of anatomical systems and developmental movement, BMC yields a deeper understanding of how the mind is expressed through the body and the body through the mind.

Senior Body-Mind Centering teacher Janice Geller, MA, LPC has expertly crafted Body-Mind Integration, a synthesis of Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, and communication skills. Authentic Movement is inspired by Carl Jung’s Active Imagination. It is movement that arises from the unconscious into outer expression and has been likened to wakeful dreaming. It reveals and integrates the inner, less conscious being with the outer, more conscious experience of self.

Carol Verner, LMBT
Certified Body-Mind Integration Practitioner

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