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I work with people to bring vibrant alignment between what they care deeply about and how they act in the world. I offer skilled support to those who want to move forward. We work together to improve outcomes in personal and professional actions such as:
  Effective communication and negotiation
  Project organization and completion
  Creating and sustaining optimal health
  Self-development to actualize a rewarding expression of potential

How Does Somatic Coaching Work?
I teach you practical ways to use body-centered awareness and the resources of your whole self to achieve your goals. I help you identify what you most want in life, for this is your truest source of motivation. Using body-based assessment, I help you recognize and use your strengths. I also help you experience where and how you hold yourself back, personally and professionally. Together, we engage in discourse and actions that free and develop your insight and capacity to move forward in effective action. It is always your own emerging awareness that guides the work, making it authentic and useful to you.

The primary tools of the work are conversation, active, body-centered practices, observation, assessments and skilled touch. Using these tools, we awaken and increase your awareness, fire up your enthusiasm and channel this insight and energy to what has meaning for you. My immersion for more that twenty-five years in integrative body-centered therapies, practices and education has shaped a keen perception and skill in making accurate and useful asssessments to support you to move forward effectively.

The Power of Embodied Presence
Embodied presence is a teachable skill. Why does this matter? Embodiment is a felt sense of belonging within your own body. If you show up unconscious and reactive, this produces a certain impact on others. Your embodied presence directly communicates your ability to be present to yourself and others. This matters at work, at home and in our communities because it is a strong foundation for building trust and agreements that pave the way for creative and effective problem solving. My aim is to support your development and satisfaction as an effective person, whether you are a leader of your own life, in your work, or in your community.

Origins of Somatic Coaching
Richard Strozzi Heckler, PhD in Psychology and 6th Degree Black Belt in Aikido, has spent over three decades researching, developing and teaching Somatic Coaching to individuals and teams. Dr. Heckler is a true pioneer and a recognized master in body-centered leadership trainings, therapies and practices. He has chosen Somatics, from the Greek, for this work, referring to the unity of body, mind and spirit. He is the founder and director of the esteemed Strozzi Institute in California. I am a Certified Somatic Coach through my Strozzi Institute studies with Dr. Heckler and his faculty.

Somatic Coaching is grounded in these principles:
• We are a unity of mind, emotion, body and spirit.
• Our body is our domain of action, mood, learning, coordination
and dignity.
• We have a life-long capacity for learning and development.
• We can learn to be present with ourselves and others under
many differing circumstances, benefitting all concerned.
• We are what we practice. Somatic Coaching teaches us
conscious practices to produce the results we want.

Women Practicing Law Project
Women in the work place often face challenges that dull creativity, block advancement, increase burnout and shorten careers. Too much is lost, and I am committed to changing this by working with professional women in a special initiative, the Women Practicing Law Project. If you are a law student or an attorney, please contact me to learn more about this initiative that teaches professional women to use body-centered resources that are vital for healthy careers and generative, self-sustaining lives.

phone: 919.933.2330

The experience of somatic coaching with Carol has had a direct and obvious impact on my day-to-day life and the way I practice law. I have learned to listen to a part of myself that, to my detriment, I was previously unaware of. By tuning in to my whole person, I am now making better choices both in the administration of my practice and in my practice of law. Somatic Coaching has reduced my stress and calmed my heart and mind. Carol brings to her work a sensitivity that is uncommon and a compassion that will put anyone open to the work at ease. —Beth Tillman, Attorney

Somatic Coaching has been one of the most challenging and rewarding, interesting and exciting practices I have ever participated in, and I am so glad that Carol has brought this practice to the Triangle.

Somatic Coaching is challenging to me because it has the possibility to affect my deepest core issues. Very simply, Carol helps me identify who I am. This matters greatly because unless I know who I am, unless I can identify where I am stuck, I cannot move forward in healthy and effective ways. Carol has given me real tools to work with the uniqueness of my own personal journey, which helps me become a healthier and happier person more able to fulfill my personal potential.

Somatic Coaching is interesting and exciting to me because it deals with my journey of self discovery and healing in a safe and beautiful way. Carol is a naturally gifted and skilled guide and partner to assist on this journey.
Shannon Dancy, graphic artist and musician

Working with Carol, I am learning to use the extraordinary connection between mind/communication and body/movement to improve communication with others as well as to increase my self-focus and clarity. It makes a dramatic difference in thought and communication.

Shortly after learning a somatic exercise representing aspects of negotiation (request, accept, decline) I had occasion to use the practice while in a personal negotiation. I was concerned about the dynamics of the interaction and convinced that it would not go well. I dreaded moving forward with it. I used somatic skills I learned with Carol; the negotiation went smoothly and the issue was resolved in a productive way without adversity.

In court, when I practice somatic skills, I am able to recognize the positive results from better outcomes at hearings and more productive interactions with the Judge and other attorneys. —Karen Davidson, Attorney

Somatic Coaching with Carol has given me tools with which I can find and connect to my center, ground myself, and respond to many different kinds of "real life" situations. I am much more comfortable and capable of acting and responding to challenging situations feeling grounded, balanced, connected to and engaged from my center as a result of our work together.

Carol as a mentor, teacher and facilitator shares her wisdom, intention and experience in clear, insightful ways. She seems to know just how to support and inspire me to close the gap between my dreams and ideals, and my stuck, pre-patterned behaviors. I am now more often intentionally opening a world of loving, connected creativity and living from a more centered space.
Scotty Young, Licensed Massage Therapist and musician

Carol Verner, LMBT, Certified Somatic Coach

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