Willing to help me in whatever I needed . . .

I am deeply grateful for Carol and her massages and coaching during two major life events: my challenging relationship and my major illness. I had initially contacted Carol for a spine alignment issue, and I quickly realized I was in amazingly healing hands. Through massage, not only did my body feel great, but during our work together I felt that that the natural healing energies within me became activated. Then, in our coaching sessions, Carol helped me find my ground in the relationship crisis. Carol is so intuitive and creative; through coaching and movements, I was able to access great inner strength to meet the things that were holding me back. I felt emotionally prepared for all the things I would be navigating in my new life.  

At a later time, I was diagnosed with a serious neurological disorder. I had brain swelling, I was on steroids, I had aphasia, and I couldn’t read or write. It was traumatic and frightening. Carol made herself so available and so willing to help me in whatever I needed – massage, somatic coaching, intuitive work. She has deep and vast knowledge and experience about healing.  I had many medical professionals working with me, but Carol was the only one who could help me integrate and organize all of what I was learning and experiencing in a very spiritual, loving, and human way. Carol was instrumental in facilitating my healing journey.

~ A.S., Wilmington NC